A.J.H.S. Prospector Booster Club Membership Form

Supporting Our Youth

The Prospector Booster Club was originated with the sole purpose of supporting the students of Apache Junction High School. The main way we do this is financially. We run the concession stands at the sporting events, solicit donations from groups & organizations, and participate in civic activities when requested. We are an all volunteer organization. The members of the Booster Club are composed of parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends. We have found this an exceptional way of keeping up with the school events and participating in our students’ lives at school. No club dues. If you feel you would like to participate in this worthwhile activity, please complete the following and send via email to AJHSBoosters@gmail.com.



Phone: Home________________________ Cell _____________________________

Work (only if you can receive calls)__________________________________________

When is the best time to contact you? ________________________________________

Student(s) Name(s) & Grade(s) ____________________________________________

E-mail address (most all information is provided monthly via email):___________________

Student’s interests & activities:_____________________________________________

What hours and/or days are you available to donate your time?_______________________

Family Member Names (for family passes)_____________________________________

If you have any questions, please call or see Mae Stothart 480-695-9807 or Sherry Coker 480-734-3387 or email us at AJHSBoosters@gmail.com. We will be happy to help you.

I, ______________________________, have read and agree to uphold the Booster Club pledge and have received the Booster Club By-Laws.


Member Signature & Date:__________________________________________________